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Our clients are proud to work with the people here at Talent Engine.

Dave consistently delivers on what he sets out to do. His ability to understand both the big and small picture makes him a great partner. He adapts quickly to new environments, technology, business structures and problems. These assets, along with his attention to detail, allow him to provide a strategic vision, road-map and exceptional service.

His Talent Engine team (a very appropriate name) drives results. They consistently deliver high volume and high quality data. The amount of detail they are able to capture in such a short period of time goes above and beyond expectations and really helps drive projects to fruition.

Dave does a fantastic job following through on his vision and promise, bringing new and exciting ideas to the table, and most importantly, delivering results.

Americas Sourcing Manager - SAP

Dave is a unicorn in the talent acquisition industry, with a passion for building unique and sustainable talent mapping and passive search strategies. He’s smart and has systems that can create separation from your competitors. On a personal note, I’ve found that Dave is loyal and always willing to help, even after the project is done. In a world where so many people are only ‘in it’ for themselves, Dave’s approach and attitude is refreshing

Jason-BurtJason Burt
Director of Talent - Blizzard Entertainment

Dave has always been an out-of-the-box thinker in sourcing methods, and I have enjoyed seeing him evolve his theories and techniques through practical implementation for a variety of clients. Almost everyone in the recruiting industry knows Dave as a personable super-networker who freely promotes great things that others are doing (his profile interviews on are legend), but I think his secret sauce lies elsewhere.

His recent consulting work for companies such as Informatica and Microsoft illustrate the kind of recruitment social community building and competitive talent identification synergistic initiatives that are earning him well-deserved industry media attention (read the articles linked from his profile) and awards (e.g., ERE Recruitment Excellence award 2011). He’s also quite willing to travel internationally for assignments, and his training of recruiting teams in Europe, India, etc., will bring practical insights that could make your offshore operations as productive as your domestic ones!

Glenn-GutmacherGlenn Gutmacher
Sourcing Manager - Avanade

Dave has an amazing depth of understanding when it comes data, its storage, management and strategic usage. He brought great insight into how we could use our candidate pipelines to get ahead… strategically in attracting key talent.

He worked with the team to develop our CRM system, using his knowledge of lessons learnt to help us avoid pitfalls and bad habits. Our CRM system and new knowledge is making positive impacts to our future strategies.

AndrewSmithAndrew Smith
Talent Acquisition Operations Manager - Genomic Health

Dave is a true SME on sourcing and CRM governance. He did a phenomenal job of advising us on how to set up and optimise our CRM as well as assisting us in building out our pool of candidates. He is an expert at leveraging external sources to find and import leads and then managing that data once it is in the CRM.

Director, Talent Acquisition Operations - Cisco

We leveraged Dave due to his extensive experience implementing and creating governance around CRMs. Here were some of his accomplishments:

He exceeded our initial expectations of scaling his Futurecasting methodology and building pipeline growth with over 21,000 new leads to populate a once empty platform, of which over 18,000 were personally imported to specific pipeline, geo location, and people list filter. He exceeded our initial milestones by a factor of 4x.

Dave also added to our sourcing strategies by producing a thorough Competitor Talent Mapping deliverable; i.e., source of hire, and the value add of leveraging the results to actual saved search templates that can be immediately put to test by the talent org.

He completed the project in a timely manner and gave us some excellent insights to consider as we launch and govern a new CRM.

SVP Human Resources - Cisco

Dave’s skill sets are unique in the industry and timely in that he can view talent strategy as an end to end solution. As a sourcing guru Dave has the ability to view source of hire metrics from a methodical “Competitive Intel” via and he I can quickly translate data into CRM configurations and implementations. Dave has been able to promote adoption and apply accountability standards when helping an organization launch new talent technology.

Dave has also provided guidance and knowledge which has helped me craft a global talent strategy. I would recommend Dave to any organization that is serious about driving talent acquisition to the next level.

Antoine-JenkinsAntoine Jenkins
Director, Recruiting Operations & Strategy - Walmart

Dave has opened doors to not only revolutionary ways of talent mapping through competitive intelligence that is immediately actionable, but I have likewise been able to harness his intellect to be able to build a industry cutting edge talent pipeline solution.

Dave has the ability to see how data sits together and creates a bigger picture, a future proofed talent picture like no other. With his help we have implemented a global CRM with all of his talent intelligent smarts built into one tool. He has also driven a number of significant product enhancements that enabled a simple idea into reality. I would consider Dave at expert in creating talent pipeline solutions that span time, global borders and creativeness.

BradCookBrad Cook
Global Vice President Talent Acquisition - Informatica

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