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Talent Engine is here to make sourcing candidates easier.

Talent Engine is a single source of competitive intelligence and sourcing data for your organization. It’s a dedicated team of talent acquisition sourcers who go beyond the standard offerings to offer the freshest, most complete talent data to complement your recruiting and talent acquisition process.

Talent Engine was built for companies who want to hire the absolute best talent. While we’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world, you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to start sourcing with Talent Engine, you simply have to have a talent acquisition team that wants to out hire the competition.

While our algorithms can be complex, it’s shockingly simple to get started with Talent Engine. Either click the phone icon to call us at any time, or fill out this form to give us more information. A Talent Engine sourcing consultant will get in touch with you to plan out your personal data plan.

While Talent Engine was built for sourcing candidate data, our process is useful for anyone seeking out competitive intelligence, sourcing sales leads or building a database of individuals for succession planning or talent pipelining.

Instead of offering a proprietary platform with “seats” for your recruiters, our team builds a library based on how your team recruits, allowing you to maintain control of how your talent acquisition team works best. Instead of hunting for their password and username or taking turns within a software system outside the walls of your company, you receive the most up-to-date data, mapping intelligence, and rankings of every candidate or prospect. Your recruiters can then spend the day calling candidates, closing offers and training new members of the talent acquisition team.

Every project is different but our team works on your timeline which means, once we’ve had the kickoff meeting and determined what you need us to go after, work starts immediately. Because Talent Engine cleans, qualifies and aligns the data with multiple data parameters, you may have to wait weeks to get the data we’ve built for you. However, our accuracy rates are the best in the industry and your data, once in your hands, is truly actionable.

Our talent acquisition process and data gathering workflows are exhaustive but that doesn’t mean expensive. In fact, because of our unique mix of industry tools, sourcing algorithms, researched processes and unmatched dedication to ranking, we can provide vetted data for far less than the competition. Click here to get custom pricing for your project.

Absolutely! One of the key differentiators of our offering is our ability to craft our methods to your madness. No matter where your sourcing or recruiting team is located, our goal is to create a library of search strings, sourcing workflows and training that creates a single source of truth for your talent acquisition team. What this means is that every data gathering expedition is tracked, every talent acquisition sourcer’s and recruiter’s intellectual property is preserved and you eliminate costly and inefficient duplication of work.

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Talent Engine delivers only the most complete talent data to complement your recruiting and talent acquisition process.