Map Your Talent

Do you know the topography of your current workforce?

Interested in mapping out competitive talent to fill critical sales or technology roles? No problem. We can provide data points on qualifications, prior employment, awards, social media presence, contact information, resume and background. Our talent mapping technology is used to augment talent acquisition sourcers’ work, or to replace front end sourcing teams.

We are data explorers and we’re constantly on the lookout for current, fresh data. At Talent Engine, the search never really ends, we use machine learning to optimize your current data set and build on it. It’s very hard to find the talent we provide.

Augmenting your talent pipeline usually takes tools and technology reserved for large companies but with Talent Engine, you don’t need access to these platforms because not only do we have them, we know how to use them to your advantage. Learn the impact of your potential employees, view your workforce through the lens of an industry and build a sustainable pipeline of talent for your company.

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